Due to a requirement for different types of computer keyboards manufacturers have developed a wide variety which range from basic text to complex multimedia keyboards. Each of these computer keyboards offers different advantages, and while they may provide shortcuts to programs like email or other applications, others enable users to connect to applications like media players. This article is going to provide a detailed explanation of the different types of keyboards on the market best keyboard for league of legends.

A basic computer keyboard that isn’t equipped with advanced features has 84 keys. The layout of a basic computer keyboard is similar to the typewriter, however additional keys feature are included to access applications like email and word processing documents .

The multimedia computer keyboard has 101 keys. These keys are frequently referred to as hot keys or shortcuts. Some multimedia keyboards have the number 104 and provide more features as compared to a keyboard with 101 keys. Multimedia or advanced keyboards have added features like an individual numbers pad, caps lock key or shift lock keys as well as shortcut keys to connect you to in built multimedia applications. An option to enable that sticky function also provided on advanced keyboards.

A computer keyboard designed for ergonomics features a unique design that keeps the hands in a comfortable position while typing. They are great for people who use the computer for more than three hours each day or people with wrist problems.

A variety of manufacturers are making keyboards that are available in various dimensions, shapes, and colors. Traditional keyboards would be heavy and would be available in solid colors such as black white, grey and gray but the new and upgraded keyboards come in colors such as pink, red, yellow and purple. Certain manufacturers also offer keyboards with an in built lights. These keyboards are ideal for use at night , when the lights outside are dim or switched off.

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